Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cupcakes and Water...

No, it’s not what I could live on for the rest of my life… it’s describing our “day out” on Sunday and the frustration that keeps rattling around in my brain.

First the good stuff – Sunday lunch with R and C. KEW and I crossed through the Tweed Curtain and in to Oak Bay to have lunch at Crumsby’s. I’ve heard about this place from so many folks in the last while, I decided it was a great excuse to get the girls out for some food and to catch up on gossip. Crumsby’s is great little coffee shop on Estevan just up from Willows Beach - and they have some of the best little cupcakes that I’ve ever eaten!!! It is also a very kid friendly environment… which is great since KEW seems to be in the “not sitting still” stage of life. The shop has a bright and comfortable atmosphere, great lunch menu of panini and salads, friendly staff and a wonderful selection of little cupcakes loaded with lots of tasty icing (mmmmm… icing). There are wonderful Adirondack chairs to lounge and read a book in, tables inside and out to enjoy a meal at and a whole section of kiddie toys for the little ones to play with while Mama sits by with friends (or just a good cuppa coffee or tea). R and I ended up moving on to the lunch portion without C as SOMEONE forgot about our date (no really, I’m not hurt…). Although there was a bit of an adventure for R to actually get her lunch, all was worthwhile. Once C joined us we were ready for some treats. Ok, we had already had a couple of free sample cupcakes… so I guess we were ready for some MORE treats. KEW also seemed to know exactly what a cupcake was when I asked her if she would like one… and she knew exactly where to go to find them. She did make an attempt to go around the counter to help herself… but she was caught in the nick of time. I made a selection of 6 little treats (buy 5, get one free) and returned to the table to sample. I think I ended up wearing most of KEW’s little berry cupcake… but it did keep her busy for a while. As for the others… well they were pretty dang good! As those who know me know, I do love my chocolate. However, I have to say that the vanilla cupcake with lemon vanilla butter cream icing was about the best thing I have eaten in quite some time. I may be trying to reproduce that treat sometime in the near future! Oh ya, I almost forgot! One of the coolest things while we were at lunch - meeting another young girl (8-ish?) who had the same name with the same spelling as my KEW. I’ve heard of a few others with the same name, but this was the first I’ve encountered with the same spelling. Of course my KEW didn’t have the same YSL purse (no, it wasn’t a knock off) or the same Oak Bay glow about her (there must be something in the water over there)… but they did have one thing in common!

OK, now on to my rant. What the frack is with all of the people buying bottled water still? It could be that I am just noticing it more… but it really feels like I am seeing more and more individual plastic bottles of water lately. I honestly don’t know why people have to buy water in that way… especially when we have such great water here in our beautiful city! Not to mention that pretty much any where you go these days you can get a sports bottle or aluminum water bottle for free or pretty darn cheap. Ok, so maybe you don’t have access to good water for some reason… but why then not buy a big jug of water? Do you really need 24 little bottles of water? Sure, yes, I have heard the excuse that you can recycle the plastic water bottles and they won’t end up in the landfill forever. Great, good to hear that you are recycling, but don’t you get that the energy it takes to actually recycle those water bottles is something we could do without (hello… pollution at so many levels there folks). Oh wait, how about we start with the big ass truck that is hauling all of those crates of water bottles from the “factory” to the stores. Those trucks aren’t exactly putting pink fluffy clouds in to the air!

Oy… I’m getting tired and can’t rant any more. My plea instead is for people to just think twice about their bottled water purchase. Turn on the tap instead. And if you really need a water bottle, let me know – I’ll try to hook you up.

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