Monday, September 14, 2009

Things I’ve learned lately about being a mother…

After many years of wondering, I can now truly understand why my mother doesn’t sit down (or is rarely sitting down and sitting still). The fact is you can’t – there is just way too much stuff to get done around the house when you have that little creature depending on you. If you don’t get the chores done “on time” then not only do you have them and the build up the next day… but you have a whole lotta chaos with it! If you do find a moment to yourself to say, watch TV or write a little blog… a little thing called guilt starts to creep in and remind you that there is something that needs doing. You might not even know what that something is… but you haven’t done it yet so you’d better get on it!

I’ve also learned how strong the “Mother Bear” instinct is. I am honestly struggling to put in to words the emotions running through my brain and body over the last few days when I think of the sicko creepy sex offender living in Sidney. The anger towards our Canadian Justice system for letting a freak like that walk the streets in the communities I love. I’m also feeling a huge amount of protectiveness over my daughter and ever other young girl in this town that might come across the path of this heinous creature. Then there is the hints of fear for “what if”… and the related defensiveness to the “I pity the fool who comes too close to my girl”. And worst of all, the worry of how to raise my daughter to be strong and independent and open and trusting yet cautious and aware… and not scare the crap out of her when there are “bad people” out there who might be interested in hurting her. I don’t want a creep like this to put so much fear in to my life or my community… but to provide a good life for myself and KEW I need to keep my eyes and ears open just as much as my heart.

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