Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Santa… and lessons from a cook

So I finally made it back to the mall to go and pick up the Santa pics. I decided Tuesday afternoon was not going to be the day. Kaia woke up kinda cranky from her nap, and I had no desire to get myself cranky in the afternoon traffic. Besides, I already had a cranky morning after getting a phone call from work asking for my help. I ended up spending about an hour and a half online to fix someone else’s mistake. Actually, two other people not really doing their job at all… but that is a whole other story.

Anyhow, after fuming a bit, I saw the Chatelaine magazine that I read last week… including an interview with Nigella Larson, the British TV and cookbook star. In the interview they asked how she comes across as so comfortable on her shows. She explains that she started the TV bit right when her husband was dying from cancer. She learned very quickly that her job was just a job… and to let it stress her out so much that it carried over in to her personal life was not going to happen. She wasn’t going to waste the precious little time she had with her husband stressing out over work. Wow – what a reminder and an amazing lesson. I’m truly thankful that I haven’t had to learn that lesson first hand… but I am thankful that she shared. I don’t want to even consider how many hours of my personal time have been wasted (lost, caput, gone forever) being stressed or worried about work. Don’t get me wrong, I know that just having a job is a blessing… and I do like to work (most days even where I currently am)… but wow - that job has no right to invade my home life! I’m not really one for New Year’s Resolutions… but I think this is one worth trying!

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