Sunday, December 27, 2009


Whew – we finally made it through Christmas (or Kistmas as KEW says). The days leading up to the big day and the big day itself go by faster are much more busy than you ever want (or remember)… and that is even more true when you have a busy toddler. Loads of fun were had by all… but there were more than a few challenging moments. Lots of sugar and so much stimulation make for many an adventure to get a young girl to nap or go to bed at her regular time. This has a tendency to make a Mama more tired and irritable than usual… which ultimately makes for a roller coaster ride of a holiday season. As much as there were moments of amazing joy and laughter experiencing Christmas through the eyes of my girl… there were moments where full on exhaustion and frustration and just too much to do brought me to tears (go figure, the mother of a toddler in tears… what’s new?!?!). As has been said by many an adult in this world… Christmas really is for the kids. Never before have I realized or truly understood what toll this takes on the parents of said kids. I have and will continue to sacrifice pretty much anything for my kid and to keep us both healthy and safe… but this holiday season has reminded me (once again) of how different my life is from a few years ago.

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