Monday, December 14, 2009

'Tis the Season...

…to be DANG tired!
I’ve become my mother! Calm down - I mean that in a good way. Or at least I think it’s the good way! I don’t stop… I barely sit down anymore… my brain doesn’t stop. I haven’t yet asked if they’ve landed on the asteroid, but I do find myself paying less and less attention to TV and movies (gasp!!!). Me… I know… I LOVE TV… but Frack, there is a hell of a lot of stuff to get done in a day! And did I mention I’m tired!?!?!

Ok, so what has kept me busy… well there is that whole toddler thing (my girl has energy to burn!), and the whole Christmas thing (oh so much to see and do), and the whole work thing (crap I hate budget season… and organizational awkwardness – make a decision already!!!!) and then of course my new obsessions with two blogs.

First there is Bakerella. Man oh Man this chick is amazing – full of so many creative baking ideas! A friend e-mailed me her site on Sesame Street’s 40th Anniversary. Yes, my friend is another Mom… and we Moms have a lot to celebrate with Sesame Street! Anyways, Bakerella has these AMAZING Cake Pops. No really, this girl is GOOD. I do plan on recreating (in my own special way) some of the Elmo and Cookie Monster pops for Kaia’s birthday... and in the meantime, did some Christmas Reindeer Pops. I learned a lot about cake pops on Sunday. First of all, not every thing is better bigger… especially when it comes to cake pops. Secondly, the suggestion to COOL the pops, she wasn’t kidding. Thirdly, those candy melts do eventually harden… and if you don’t clean up as you go, you have a big hard crunchy mess! But from all accounts (so far everyone at daycare) the treats were great! Not hard to please a crowd of two year olds when sugar is involved… but I’ll take it!

So my second blog addiction is The Pioneer Woman. When I grow up, I think I want to be this lady. Although she is currently giving me a bit of an inferiority complex (how the hell does she do all that she does?!?!?), I’m hooked on her. Cooking, photography, animals, kids and of course the Marlboro Man. The more I read, the more I get hooked. Maybe one day I too will get to go from Black Heels to Tractor Wheels!

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