Friday, August 13, 2010

Born Again Breather

I don’t know if it is the born again breather (aka reformed smoker) coming to the surface again… or the mother of a child thing… but dang, I’ve been super frustrated by smokers lately!

The last few days I have had to follow smokers on the walk to the parking lot. With the breeze coming off the lagoon, you can’t help but smell the smoke even being back 20-30 feet. It made me mad that I had to walk through their stinky air… but made me madder that they were smoking in such a beautiful spot! I am so sick and tired of seeing the pathway and stairs on campus – a freaking National Historic Site – littered with cigarette butts. GROSS!

Today I watched a couple of young-ish gals taking a few smoke breaks in the area across from my office window. It was a quiet day, not a lot of people about, so they caught my attention a few times. I couldn’t help but think that these attractive young ladies looked so trashy and dirty while smoking. I’m guessing some thirty-something woman out there thought that about me at some time or another when I was smoking in my early twenties (which did not make me feel better)!

Then I had the conversation with myself of how to I make sure KEW doesn’t fall in to the smoking trap. I don’t have the answer to that one yet, but hopefully I have a few years yet!

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