Wednesday, August 11, 2010


So let’s start this off by admitting that I’m a little hormonal. I’m just that kind of girl… sometimes I laugh, sometimes I cry, sometimes I do both and I don’t know why. Thank you for the words to describe my disorder Terri Clark.

It is the performance finale of So You Think You Can Dance tonight… and they did the retrospective of some of the memorable moments. There were a few dances this season that got to me and brought me to tears (I love it when art does that – {sigh})… and seeing even the few clips made me a little teary. KEW was allowed a few minutes of TV before bed time as part of our deal (AKA she was stalling and I caved as a parent as I wanted to see SYTYCD), and she was sitting on my lap during the clips.

She looked up at me, saw the weepy eyes and said “Mama, you sad?” along with a hugely concerned face and a big hug. So this of course made me full on cry. As I tried to explain that the dance was really special but it made me kind of sad… I then told her that my tears were happy tears now and thank you for the hug.

Ok, so she’s really confused… but I’m super proud and happy and all smiles. I have a compassionate daughter whom I love to the moon and back.

And she loves me too.

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  1. Now you're making me cry! You've got a special little person there, Ange. Those are the moments that make me think how wonderful it is to have children...