Sunday, August 15, 2010

Some things go well together - others, not so much.

Strawberries and cream.
Vodka and cranberry.
Mashed potatoes and butter.
Apples and cinnamon.

I think you get my drift – some things go together perfectly. In fact, they can make you wonder why they aren’t a part of one another to begin with! Other things, well, let’s just say that together, they can make things challenging.

We know that kids and lack of sleep isn’t good. Nor is kids and lack of substantial food (e.g. protein). Well, the last few days have really proven to me that a preschooler/three-nager and really hot weather… they don’t do well together. I think it is because you get the combination of the lack of sleep and the lack of protein rolled in to one… and then it’s just hot and sticky. Not to mention that the Mama is hot and sticky and cranky too. It has made for a VERY long, hard day - one that I’m not really proud of or looking to repeat.

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