Monday, August 30, 2010

It's not easy being green...

No, this isn’t a post about frogs or lizards or alligators… it is about poop. Yup, this is what mothers talk about for the early years. How many times has your kid pooped, what consistency is the poop and of course, what color is the poop. Hey, what goes in must come out… and when your little one can’t tell you how they are feeling, poop often does it for them. Go ahead, run screaming from the building – do whatever you need to do.

So the home story from when I went on the wonderful weekend getaway to Vancouver is an interesting one. When I picked up KEW on Sunday, my mom asked “What has she being eating lately? Lots of broccoli or something?” To which I answered the silly question of “No, why?” That is when I learned about the green poop. I know, some of you mothers are thinking about the greenish hue that can come when there are a lot of blueberries or broccoli or spinach in the diet. Noooooo… not that kind of green… grass green – I mean REALLY REALLY green!

Once I saw the green later that day, my first instinct was playdoh. I checked the container we have here at home, but it was all full, so I assumed that there must have been green playdoh at Gingerbread on Friday.

On Monday morning I asked about the playdoh while we were doing the drop off routine. Nope, not green… yellow. Hmmmm… things are not fitting. So I warned them that KEW’s poop was pretty darn green, so not to be surprised when they are changing diapers.

On about my day doing the best I can to work while also trying to figure out where the heck the green was coming from! I so did not want to go to the Doctor as I didn’t even want to imagine the possible remedies for this problem. Oy, my girl was testing me with this one!

When I arrived at Gingerbread for the end of day pick up, I was greeted with some interesting news. During one of the diaper changes, they discovered the source of the green – a pastel. A fully intact green pastel had come out!!! Did you hear that – a FULLY INTACT pastel?!?!?!?! Holy crap (pun intended)! I don’t know about you, but I think that would be a little uncomfortable. There are a lot of twists and turns once you get past the stomach… how the heck does a pastel make it all the way through those little pipes with nary a complaint to be heard?

We still don’t know WHERE the pastel came from… but my guess is that wherever it is from, KEW was doing something she wasn’t supposed to and nearly got caught. Rather than reveal the evidence, my girl SWALLOWED it!

I’m so not looking forward to finding out what she swallows next time!

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  1. LOL!!! Your labels made me laugh....

    I've given you the Cherry on Top award...come to my blog to pick it up and pass 'er on!