Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Change Cliché

That old saying about a change being as good as a rest has been powering through my head for the last while. I do agree with the sentiment… up to a point. After that point, change itself is exhausting! I have gone through a whole whack of changes over the last 6 months – from moving houses (twice) to significant changes at work and everything in between. When changes are happening in both the personal and professional world it can be overwhelming… and I am getting very close to that point!

The personal changes have, for the most part, been great and all for the right reasons. Moving has been a wonderful step forward, KEW’s new daycare is absolutely AMAZING and the little changes in routine and life with KEW are all a part of her growing up. As much as it is hard to see your baby grow, it is also rewarding and exciting. Ya ya, it can be pretty challenging to… and I know that I’m only getting a glimpse in to what lays ahead!

The work changes have been a lot more of a challenge. One of my bosses left in July which has its pros and cons…but our team is working through them and I think we’re doing pretty good. My other boss has only been gone for a week now and this one has/is a lot harder. I worked closely with him for 5 years and have known him for over 10. He has been a mentor and a friend so he is going to be missed. I fear that the chaos and huge workload for his backfill is going to create a lot of challenges over the coming months. And now, to top that off, I am being moved to a different office on campus. I think this is going to be one of the biggest changes for me to manage. I will be working in a totally new environment (the first time sharing an office in around 8 years), working closer with people that I haven’t been physically close to for a while and being away from others. My work style will have to change as a result, and that will take a lot of effort and energy.

Right now, I don’t feel like I will be getting the “rest” part of the change cliché.

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