Thursday, October 14, 2010

Review Time – Treehouse Shampoo and Bubbles

I will admit it right up front… I am pleasantly surprised by the Treehouse line of kid’s bath products produced by Nature Clean. Sure, it made me a little angry that the display of products is a kid eye level and full of bright colors and characters like Pablo and Ruby. It makes is REALLY hard to say no to your kid who is clambering for a bottle of anything with a Backyardigan on it.

But I’ve been turned… all is good. I read the fine print and was thrilled to see a product that is vegan and not tested on animals – woo hoo! I have tried to find kid friendly and animal friendly products over the last few years… and now I have some that my girl actually WANTS to use! Bath time has never been a real challenge, but the hair washing part has been known to be less than fun. Tonight however was a different case.

First I added the Max and Ruby Berry Bubbles and they smelled great. After some play time in the good pile of bubbles, it was time for the real work. The Pablo 2 in 1 shampoo was pulled out and KEW had no hesitation to get all lathered up! So thank you Treehouse and Nature Clean. Thank you for working together to take care of our kids and our planet.

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