Friday, October 22, 2010

Really? You're Gonna Charge Me For THAT?!?!

Wednesday morning I got in to Gigi the Wonder Jeep to have the tire pressure sensor going off and telling me a back tire was low. So ok, I can deal with this, I will stop at the Co-op on the way in to work and after dropping KEW at Gingerbread. I can put air in a tire… easy. Pull up, find the air and water station, put a whack of air in the tire, turn Gigi back on and yup, sensor is happy again.

Cut to end of day and me needing to go to acupuncture. Grandma is picking up KEW from Gingerbread, so I don’t need to rush like a mad woman this time. Turn on the Jeep and low and behold… the sensor is going off – again. Alrighty then… I must have a slow leak. No worries I think, there is a Petro Canada just down the road and on the way, so I can stop in to get some more air for the rest of my trip and until I can change the tire. I pull in, find the air and water station and see the sign about the price. The what? Yes, you read that correctly… they wanted a loonie (or four quarters) to get some air. Uh huh… you are being charged to use their machine.

Sweet Baby Jesus – is it not enough that I pay a buck-ten to get gas nowadays? Now you want to charge me for air? And no… don’t tell me how it’s all about the taxes and you gas stations are barely getting any cut of the fees. Y’all are stinking filthy rich. And did I mention greedy? Gone is the SERVICE station where you used to purchase gas and snacks and whatever you might need at that moment. What we have left is a cash grabbing gas station who will gladly give you some points on a pretty red card if you buy gas or “stuff” from them… but who won’t give you free air.

Sorry… I should clarify… Petro Canada is the greedy cash grabbing station. I drove off (since I wouldn’t pay for the air, even if I did have a loonie on me) and managed to make it to the next Co-Op station where I got some free air… and then barely made it to my appointment on time. So to Co-op, you’ve got my gas business… and perhaps the odd Slushie drink or two. Petro Canada… you will not see me buying gas or “stuff” from you again. Don't you know... air is FREE in Canada!

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